Crizal Crizal Eyezen Eyezen EyeZen™+ Defend Against Digital Eye Strain. Enhanced Single Vision Lens, Reduces Eye Strain, Helps Protect from Harmful Blue Light. EyeZen™+ Défendez-vous contre la fatigue oculaire numérique. Lentille à vision unique améliorée, réduit la fatigue oculaire, aide à protéger de la lumière bleue nocive. Crizal Crizal® Anti-glare coating gives you the clearest vision possible with glare, scratch, and smudge protection. Essilor-Logo Eyezen Eyezen Transitions_Signature_GEN8_4c Transitions™ Adaptive lenses adjust to changing light, keep you comfortable and protected in all conditions. Varilux Varilux® Sharp Vision AT ANY DISTANCE. Icons—Sharp Vision, Near to Far, Eliminates Off-Balance. Experio UV logo-xperio-uv Xperio UV Experio UV Single Vision Single Vision Transitions Transitions UV Protection UV Protection Varilux Varilux Xperio™ Polarized lenses provide maximum protection for the best vision under the sun. Xperio UV Xperio UV
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Varilux. Sharpen their vision. Elevate your care. Varilux. Sharpen their vision. Elevate your care.




Your patients have carefully chosen you as their eyecare provider, entrusting you with something incredibly precious: their vision. By recommending Varilux®, you help them see their sharpest, which validates that trust and sends a message that you don’t compromise when it comes to their vision care. Watch the video to learn more.


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Varilux is at the forefront of innovation, bringing you the science of tomorrow, today. It’s the only lens tested on our exclusive avatar model and real wearers prior to launch. Therefore, you can recommend them with confidence, knowing that you are presenting them with innovative and patient-proven solutions. With the sharper, seamless vision of Varilux, your patients may even forget they’re wearing glasses. But they’ll never forget who recommended them.​



Progressive lens brand recommended by eyecare professionals*


Varilux lenses are the only lenses that are supported by LiveOptics™, the patented R&D process that tests our lenses on real wearers in real-life conditions


Of Varilux lens wearers are satisfied with their resulting vision**


see below for text of the chart

Discover our Varilux lenses supported by our breakthrough LiveOptics™ avatar from R&D

Ultimate stabilized vision1

Our best Varilux progressive lens with the most advanced performance. A revolutionary design that features breakthrough technologies for extended sharp vision area within arm’s reach and ultimate stabilized vision in motion.1

Unequalled binocular acuity1

Offers your patients smooth transitions from distance to near for an effortless vision even on the move. The Binocular Booster™ technology calculates the lenses as a matched pair, helping the eyes work better together for an unequalled binocular acuity.1

All-day-long vision comfort

The latest generation of ergonomic progressive lenses designed to adjust to your patient's unique natural postures, and not the other way around, providing enhanced postural flexibility and a stretched useful vision zone for all-day-long vision comfort.


Ask your business consultant how to elevate your progressive lenses offer with Varilux lenses, or call 1-800-387-7255.

* Survey conducted by CSA among a representative sample of 1018 independent ECPs, in 10 countries: Fr, Sp, Ger, It, UK, US, Canada, Brazil, India, China. Feb-Apr 2018.

** Global studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n = 18 studies).

1 Internal Essilor R&D’s Avatar simulations 2020.

2 In comparison with Varilux Classics.

3 In comparison with other standard progressive lenses.

Accessible Varilux Chart

Varilux® X Series™. Ultimate Stabilized Vision1. Stabilized vision in motion with Nanoptix®. Extended near vision for multitasking at arm's reach with Xtend™. Binocular sharpness and accuracy for wider fields of vision with SyncronEyes®. Sharpness even in low light with Wave 2.0™. Sharp vision. Wider fields of vision2.

Varilux® E Series™. Easy vision for an easy life. Swim effect reduction with Swim Control™. Sharpness even in low light with Wave 2.0™. Sharp vision. Wider fields of vision2.

Varilux® Physio® 3.0. Unequalled Binocular Visual Acuity1. Binocular sharpness and accuracy for smooth transition from near to far with Binocular Booster™. Sharpness even in low light with Wave 2.0™. Sharp vision. Wide fields of vision3 with Path Optimizer™.

Varilux® Comfort Max. All-Day Long Vision Comfort. Large reading area enhancing postural flexibility with Flex Optim™. Sharpness even in low light with Wave 2.0™. Sharp vision. Wide fields of vision3 with Path Optimizer™.

Varilux® Freedom 3.0. All-In-One Harmonious Vision. Sharp vision. Wide fields of vision3 with Path Optimizer™.