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Reduce visual fatigue with Eyezen lenses!

By Essilor Canada

You won't be surprised when I tell you that I spend lots of time in front of my computer and my smart phone because of my job, will you?

When I heard there were new optical lenses on the market that could help reduce visual fatigue and aid in the prevention of the pre-mature ageing of my eyes, I immediately wanted to know more.

Whether you wear prescription lenses or not, this subject will definitely interest those, like me, who spend lots of time in front of their digital devices!

But what is the technology behind the Eyezen lenses exactly?

Smart phones, tablets, computers and television screens are an integral part of our lives.  They help us to socialize, learn, educate ourselves, work, play, relax and see the world. But, these screens also cause our eyes to work even harder. More than 64% of the population uses a computer screen for more than four hours a day and two out of three people use a smart phone on a daily basis.

With this in mind, Essilor decided to bring its Eyezen lenses onto the market - designed and created specifically for the 2.0 era.

They are able to care for the eyes on three distinct levels:

1. They reduce visual fatigue caused by the prolonged use of smart phones and allow for the improved readability of small characters.

2. They heighten contrasts: colours are more vivid during the day and vision is more precise in the evening.

3. Combined with the Crizal Prevencia coating, they will reduce glare and help prevent the pre-mature ageing of the eyes caused by harmful blue-violet light.

Eyezen lenses, tested and approved!

Interested in this new optical product, I decided to test it out and give you a review. I wore glasses with Eyezen lenses for 7 consecutive days.

My impression? I quickly noticed that the Eyezen lenses really supported my eyes - much more than my regular lenses. The readability of my screen seemed much more clear and sharp.

And, at the end of the workday I was much less tired - and there were no headaches!

After having tested these lenses and really enjoyed them, I feel that I'm in a good position to recommend them you. Whether you wear prescription lenses or not, I believe that Eyezen lenses are useful in avoiding eye strain and, most importantly, preventing the premature ageing of the eyes!

This article was sponsored by Essilor.
However, the opinions and suggestions shared in the column are my own 
Virginie Goudreault,