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Essilor Canada, Proud Partner of the Local Economy

By Essilor Canada

Long live the local economy!

At Essilor Canada, we are convinced more than ever of the benefits of supporting the local economy. Established in 1972 in Canada, we serve with pride and dedication the visual health of Canadians. It’s well known, when you see better, you live better.



Local custom-made

At Essilor Canada, we personalize the lenses to the prescription through our large network of laboratories.

It is in these Canadian laboratories that the Varilux® Series™ progressive lenses (Varilux® X Series™ and Varilux® E Series™) and the Eyezen+™ single vision lenses are custom-made*. The whole process of surfacing, processing and edging-mounting is carried out there. Meticulous work that allows us to personalize your lenses to your very own lifestyle.

Each lens is the result of the work of approximately 10 of our expert-employees. If our experts do considerable work every day, an impressive ecosystem surrounds them: international research and development, a local distribution network, a team dedicated to customer experience. They all have a common goal: to make cutting-edge visual solutions available to you. Together, they perform a real dance so that every Canadian gets a superior product and experience.

This is what can be expected when a common mission drives us all: to provide access to better vision for all Canadians thereby improving lives by improving sight.



Involved in communities

For almost 50 years, our employees like to say that they have the maple leaf tattooed on their hearts.

If we’re a proud partner of the Canadian economy, we are also very proud of the actions carried out in communities across Canada. Thanks to our dedicated employees, approximately 25,000 free visual screenings were offered to Canadians across the country in 2019, and there are no plans to stop!


✝* Varilux® Series™ and Eyezen+™ lenses are surfaced and personalized to the prescription of each wearer in Canada. Except Transitions Xtractive style mirrors® and Airwear® Xperio gradient

**Essilor Canada owns the biggest number of laboratories and expert-employees of the optical industry in Canada. Internal analysis.


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