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Essilor® has drawn inspiration from the volcano’s unforeseeable nature to create the Crizal® Rock™ coating. Crizal® goes beyond providing clarity of vision. Crizal® makes wearers’ lives easier.

Our everyday lives are filled with unpredictability which makes life tough on lenses.

For 93% of wearers, scratch resistance is an important characteristic when choosing eyeglasses.2

For 87% of wearers, easiness-to-clean is an important characteristic when choosing eyeglasses.2

In 2020, Essilor introduces the unique High-Resistance Technology.

Crizal® Rock™ breaks one of the most common compromises in the anti-reflective coating industry: scratch resistance vs smudge resistance.

Protected by 5 international patents.3


To push Crizal® to their limit, Essilor® has developed a thorough protocol to reinforce its testing methods: the Lifeproof multi-test.

This protocol assesses a lens’ resistance to the hectic lives of wearers:

  1. Replicating daily risky situations for lenses.
  2. Testing in front of consumers.
  3. Ensuring protocol and results certified by a legal independent third-party.
  4. Simulating situations like dropped eyeglasses, improper cleaning, or impact with objects.

See for yourself!


With Crizal® Rock™ coating, eyeglass wearers are empowered to make the hassle of scratches and smudges a thing of the past.

3x more scratch resistant than the Crizal® entry level product.4

2x cleaner after extensive smudging than main competitors’ lenses.5

For more information, please contact your business consultant or call 1-800-361-6668 ext. 1230.

Crizal® Rock™ offers the best combination against scratches and smudges6 thanks to the High-Resistance Technology.

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3 Crizal® Rock™ is covered by two patents and three patents pending.

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6 External laboratories tests and internal technical tests in 2019. Combination here defined as the merger of 2 distinct criteria which are scratch resistance and smudge resistance - Crizal® Rock™ rated best on smudge resistance and equal on scratch resistance, compared to the most known lenses brands by consumers (MSW brand tracking 2018 in 17 countries). Scratch resistance may vary depending on lens configuration.