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Essilor International Group philosophy

Trust and respect

The group has a strong internal culture based on trust and respect, two values that are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

Long-term skills management

Attracting and retaining the best talents to implement its long-term strategy is a key issue for an international group like Essilor.

At Essilor, we emphasize the skills, talents and qualities of our employees. This is essential in order to offer our employees fulfilling, interesting and varied careers, as well as to establish and develop our leadership all around the world.

In practical terms, this means support and an effective and exciting employee training policy.

Respect for individuals and diversity

Essilor believes in the value of diverse cultures and profiles.

We want everyone to find their role and feel comfortable within the company. Our employees’ commitment encourages teamwork and stimulating professional relationships.

Respecting diversity means allowing everyone to find their own place. Our diversity and the value we place on differences are strengths which enrich our human experience. They accompany our geographic expansion and our adaptation to local cultures.

Essilor is therefore particularly attentive to promoting diversity, respect and has policies in place in some countries for example for the employment of disabled people and seniors.

Employee shareholding, the cement binding the group

Since Essilor was founded over 160 years ago as a craftsmen’s cooperative,, employee shareholding has been anchored in our culture. Colleagues have always been encouraged to own shares in the group’s capital and today, out of the 42,704 group employees, nearly one in four is an Essilor shareholder.

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