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Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

Xperio® polarized sunwear gives you better protection and comfort than tinted lenses can achieve.

Ordinary tints can reduce brightness and provide UV protection (if they are properly treated), but only Xperio offers no glare, better clarity of vision, the ability to see true colors and the fact the lens color will not fade over time.

UV Protection: Everyone is at risk of vision damage because of harmful UV rays.
Xperio polarized lenses completely block UV rays providing 100% UVA/UVB protection - reducing potential vision damage. Xperio allows you to experience your world more safely and more beautifully.

Safety: Xperio lenses eliminate dangerous glare - even dashboard glare - for greater driving safety. A recent clinical study measured driver reaction times for Xperio polarized lenses versus ordinary tints and found that driver reaction times were improved by 1/3 of a second. For a car traveling 50 mph, 1/3 of a second allows a driver to stop a vehicle 23 feet sooner.

Performance: Xperio polarized lenses let you see even the smallest thigns with greater clarity, true color perception and total comfort.

To learn more about Xperio polarized lenses, please visit

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