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Online ordering

The Essilor Group is proud to provide you with a simple and efficient service which enables you to place your orders online and to track the status of your orders at any time. This state-of-the-art ordering service is totally free and requires only an Internet connection!

The online ordering service is now available in the following labs:

- Aries Optical :
- Eastern Optical :
- KW Optical :
- Laboratoires Essilor :
- OPSG Ltd :
- Perspectics Optical :
- Pioneer Optical :
- R&R Optical :
- Club Rx : 

The Essilor Group also offers a dedicated website to order stock lenses online : (Please note the Essilor Source ​website does not offer the features described on this page).

Why order online?

- Order your lenses 24/7
- Online catalogs are continually updated with the newest products
- The built-in product validation feature eliminates the potential to select incompatible lens  design, material, treatment and power range
- Your order status can be accessed at any time, helping you to manage patient expectations
- Current promotions are announced online
- No additional hardware is required


How to activate your online ordering account?

It is fast and simple! You just have to contact EES, our technical support for online ordering:

- By phone: 1-888-743-5849
- By email:

The EES team will quickly confirm your username and password to the website of your choice. The only requirement is to have an account number with the lab / labs you select.

The EES is dedicated to answering questions related to online ordering. Our team will be glad to help you with any difficulties you may have, and will listen carefully to any suggestions you may have. Please do not hesitate to call the support line!


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